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Corporate Entertainment: Corporations are holding massive events with celebrity entertainment

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It seems like the corporate events scene in Australia is going through a transformation. The traditional corporate events we knew before are being replaced by innovative and exciting trends in corporate entertainment that have caused quite a stir.

Nowadays, businesses are more focused on creating connections with their audiences, which has led to elaborate and dynamic events. Whether it’s celebrity performances, tribute bands, stage shows, magicians or party bands, there’s always our range of thrilling corporate entertainers to explore.

Suppose you want to make your next corporate event an unforgettable experience for yourself and your guests. In that case, staying up to date with the trends in entertainment is essential. It allows you to bring entertainment options to your function by being at the forefront of these changes.

This blog post will delve into some of the trends in corporate entertainment happening in Australia right now. It will also explore how these trends can excite your business celebration. So fasten your seatbelt. Get ready for a journey into the world of corporate entertainers and entertainment trends!

Corporate Entertainment Trends in Australia

Corporate entertainment in Australia encompasses a range of activities and events that companies organise for their employees and clients. These include team sports, cultural events, food and wine tours and many other options. On-site entertainment services feature celebrity performances, party bands, tribute bands, stage shows, magicians, and other exciting corporate entertainers are trending too.

Successful corporate entertainment in Australia requires finding customised activities to meet the company’s and its employees’ needs and interests. Our priority is always to meet the expectations of our customers.
Australia’s corporate events industry has transformed over the years as businesses strive to stand out and provide guests with unique experiences.

Creating events beyond food and drinks is crucial to achieve success in today’s world. They should offer entertainment that leaves a lasting impression.

As a result, corporate entertainment trends in Australia have rapidly evolved to include options such as comedians, live music bands, interactive gaming stations, escape rooms and much more. Companies are also using high-tech advancements like augmented reality systems, audiovisual effects devices, virtual environment simulators and drones to create captivating experiences that leave a lasting impact on attendees.

By staying updated with these developments and incorporating approaches into our event plans, we ensure occasions that provide extraordinary experiences for everyone involved.

Corporate Entertainment Categories

The Advantages of Incorporating Corporate Entertainment into Business Events

In Australia, the significance of entertainment in business events is on the rise, indicating its growing popularity as an element in the planning process for many companies. By incorporating entertainment, one can. Energise guests while creating a joyful atmosphere that is bound to leave a lasting impression on attendees.

Another significant driver of entertainment at business events is its capacity to enhance brand recognition within the industry or local community. By incorporating entertainers like celebrities, bands, DJs or comedians into company-organised events, businesses can gain exposure among customers who may have yet to be aware of their activities.

This increased visibility directly translates into sales and profitability for organisations as consumers become more aware of the products/services they offer.

Businesses invest in entertainment for a reason. It creates lasting memories for guests. When attendees feel genuinely engaged during branded events, it cultivates customer loyalty over time. This positive engagement makes occasions memorable and contributes to achieving outcomes in the short and long run.

People who attend our events need more time to enjoy the entertainment provided by our talented performers. Still, they also leave feeling inspired and having gained new knowledge. This generates a sense of gratitude and importance among participants, reinforcing an image that effectively communicates the core values of our organisation.


Popular Corporate Event Themes and Experiences

Themes bring events to life, establishing the atmosphere and creating an environment. From classical music settings to the performances of tribute bands, we showcase trending themes that captivate audiences and leave a lasting impact.

100% Kylie-02

Celebrity Performances Influencing Corporate Events

This roving band LOUNGE will bring their unique blend of jazz and blues to your event. This band is perfect for adding a touch of jazz music to your event.

Celebrities bring star power and exclusivity to gatherings. For those looking to add a touch of glamour and exclusivity to their events, we offer the opportunity to Hire a Celebrity. From celebrity hosts to TV stars and bands featuring artists, your event can be transformed into an affair fit for the stars.

Enhance the experience for your guests by bringing in the charm and talent of celebrities who can make your event unforgettable.

Book Guy Sebastian For Your Special Event

Guy Sebastian is in high demand for high end corporate events. He puts on an amazing show with his funky live band.

Hire a Celebrity

Guy Sebastian

Guy Sebastian is the only Australian male artist to have ever achieved six number one singles and two number one albums in chart history. Guy was born in Malaysia in 1981 and moved with his family to Melbourne, Australia at the age of 6. After turning 10 his family moved to Adelaide which they were to call home for all of Guy’s teenage years. Guy’s interest in music started at a young age taping his favorite songs from the age of four. It was at the age of 14 that

Celebrity Corporate Entertainment

Jessica Mauboy Is Available For Big Corporate Events

Book Jessica Mauboy for your event with Vogue Entertainment! Personalized appearances, full logistics, and production handled. Call 1300 296 133 for an unforgettable experience.

Jessica Mauboy

Jessica Mauboy is enjoying another “career” year. Though this time, it’s been a “global” year. In just a matter of months, Mauboy’s star went stratospheric thanks to her starring performance as “Julie” in the “The Sapphires,” she cut a new album, and now she’s ready to take it on the road for her first solo national tour. Book Jessica Mauboy For Corporate EventsContents1 Book Jessica Mauboy For Corporate Events2 Jessica Mauboy Recordings3 Jessica Recording In L.A.4 How To Book Jessica Mauboy You can book Jessica Mauboy for your corporate event or special event here at

Celebrity Corporate Entertainment

High Energy Timomatic to Tim Omaji

Bring Tim Omaji to your event! Contact Vogue Entertainment, your booking agent, at 1300 296 133 for seamless event management and an extraordinary performance.


The Evolution from Timomatic to Tim OmajiContents1 The Evolution from Timomatic to Tim Omaji2 Timomatic’s Story3 Timomatic Bookings4 Timomatic Songs5 How To Book Timomatic Tim Omaji is all about evolution – and in 2015 the dynamic singer, songwriter and performer is shedding “Timomatic” as he enters the next phase of his career. But he’s not so much as reverting to his birth name, Tim Omaji, as claiming it. “I felt like everything in my creative life and, to an extent, my personal life was evolving to what I believed was a closer

Celebrity Corporate Entertainment

Celebrity Corporate Entertainment

The Vogue Entertainment Agency also has a wide variety of celebrity artists available for your special event. Here are some of our most top artists available:

Bands for Hire: A Symphony of Options

When setting the ambience for your event, nothing compares to live music. Vogue Entertainment boasts a selection of bands for hire catering to various preferences.

Whether you’re organising a function, a wedding, or an energetic party, we have bands, wedding music bands, jazz bands, tribute bands, and shows that can elevate your event’s sophistication level.

If you need assistance selecting the band, feel free to contact us. We are here to ensure that the music for your event is absolutely amazing.

Rise of Party Bands in Corporate Entertainment

The rise of party bands in entertainment presents an exciting alternative to the usual musical choices for corporate events.

Party bands, cover bands and jazz ensembles have become increasingly popular due to their high-energy performances that keep guests engaged throughout the event.

These acts stand out by using premium audio systems and talented musicians, exhilarating any company occasion. 

Roving Entertainment: Perfect for Foyers, Trade Shows and Outdoor Events

Our Roving Entertainment choices are designed for settings like foyer entertainment, festivals or events with setups. This category offers various options, including roaming bands, mesmerising magician shows and captivating street performers.

With these choices, entertainment goes beyond the stage. Actively engages audiences on the move.

Ivana Babbleoff

The Queen of The Red Carpet and superstar roving entertainer, Ivana Babbleoff is such a perfect blend of fun, laughter and Hollywood style.

Ivana Babbleoff

No red carpet event is complete without the Queen Of The Red Carpet, Ivana Babbleoff. Ivana Babbleoff is more than your average reporter…she is the Queen of The Red Carpet and all Hollywood Gossip. With personality as big as her hair and stilettos as high as her hopes, she’s the master of asking the right question to tickle and tantalize your guest’s funny bones. Ivana Babbleoff can be booked by herself or if you are after a bigger impact, as apart of the fabulous fake paparazzi act. Vogue Entertainment has packages

Corporate Entertainment Trends

Duck Cameron

This talented roving magician will bring his unique blend of comedy and magic to your event. This magician is perfect for adding a touch of comedy to your event.

Duck Cameron

Ever wondered about being levitated? Ever thought what it would be like to be cut in half, to escape from a straight jacket while hanging upside down high above the crowd, to breathe fire and swallow razor blades? Duck Cameron’s Magic Shows: Experience the EnchantmentContents1 Duck Cameron’s Magic Shows: Experience the Enchantment2 Video Live on Stage: Duck Cameron’s Breathtaking Performances3 Illusionist Spectacular Stage Show Aboard Cruise Ship4 Duck Cameron Is An Award Winning Master Magician5 Bookings For Duck Cameron: Make Your Event Unforgettable with Magic As a small child Duck

Corporate Entertainment Trends

Comedians For Your Corporate Event

Laughter has always been considered a remedy, and we have the prescription for humour with our diverse range of comedians.

From stand-up comedians to known TV hosts and talented writers, our lineup includes big names like Wil Anderson, Tommy Little, Tom Gleeson, Rove McManus and many others.

Whether it’s an event or a cozy gathering, these comedians bring their sparkling wit and irresistible comedy to the stage.

Children's Entertainment: Delightful Diversions for the Young Ones

We understand the importance of keeping children engaged when entertaining them during events.

That’s why our children’s entertainment offerings are designed specifically for festivals, kids’ birthday parties, and shows/concerts that captivate audiences.

With a focus on age-captivating acts, we ensure that the youngest attendees have a memorable experience.

Children's Entertainment For Corporate Events

Classical Music: Elevating Elegance and Sophistication

Our range of Classical Music options is perfect for those looking to add elegance and sophistication to their events.

Experience the captivating melodies of string quartets, the voices of vocalists and the mesmerising performances of string stage shows.

These talented entertainers guarantee to captivate audiences from the note. Immerse yourself in a world of elegance that goes beyond the event experience.

Classical Music For Corporate Events

Executive Entertainment: Exclusive Experiences for Intimate Gatherings

If you’re planning a prestigious event with 2 – 30 guests, our Executive Entertainment options are designed to impress.

Take your dining event, an intimate gathering, in-home dinner party, boardroom lunch, corporate box experience or chartered cruise to the next level with customised and exclusive entertainment options.

Executive Entertainment For Small Gatherings

Stage Shows: Leaving a Lasting Impression

Our Stage Shows are carefully crafted to entertain, astonish and create a lasting impression on your audience.

Take your pick from a variety, including mind-bending hypnotists, spot-on impersonators, vibrant cabaret performances and spellbinding magician shows. Suppose you need assistance in selecting an act that suits your event best.

In that case, our dedicated team is always ready to provide guidance and ensure your event succeeds.

Stage Shows To Dazzle Your Guests

Prerequisites For Selecting The Right Corporate Entertainers

Selecting the entertainer is most important when organising an event as it greatly contributes to the success of the gathering. Corporate performers must possess skills, qualities and characteristics that captivate the audience.

Performers Experience

When choosing the entertainer, there are a few important factors to consider. First and foremost, their experience in this field plays a role. It’s essential to find someone with a background and understanding of entertainment.

Keep Guests Capitvated

Another key aspect is their ability to captivate audiences with their performance. A good entertainer knows how to keep people engaged through humour, music and storytelling. They should also be skilled at gauging the audience’s reactions and adjusting their performance to ensure everyone enjoys themselves.


Flexibility is another quality in an entertainer. They should be willing to tailor their performance based on the requests or requirements of the client. This means being responsive, adaptable, and exceeding expectations for events or occasions.

Prepare Food & Drinks

Food and drinks are essential to any event, and it is important to make sure that there is enough food and drinks for all of your guests. Preparing food and drinks in advance will help ensure that your guests are well fed and happy.

Experience and Budget

Considering all these aspects, choosing an entertainer who specialises in providing entertainment for business events like ours is crucial. Lastly, keeping budget considerations in mind is essential. You would want the cost of an artist to be, at most, your initial estimates!

Jon Stevens Rock superstar

Benefits Of Hiring Our Professional Corporate Entertainers

Hiring entertainers has numerous advantages, benefiting both businesses and event organisers. These skilled entertainers excel at creating experiences for audiences of all sizes. Whether it is an MC or executive coach leading the way or talented musicians and DJs getting everyone on their feet, they know how to bring the entertainment.

Moreover, these experienced performers possess an ability to gauge the atmosphere and understand company protocols, which can lead to outcomes in certain situations. In conclusion, hiring entertainers is a surefire way to make an event memorable and provide visitors and clients with a delightful experience.

Our Tips To Ensure The Success Of A Corporate Event

To ensure your event’s success, ensure your purpose is well-defined. This will allow you to anticipate and address any issues that may arise. Additionally, having a defined plan will help you stay organised throughout the planning process.

Careful consideration should be given to venue selection, catering arrangements, and seating plans when organising an event. By implementing planning and creative concepts, various gatherings such as dinners, holiday parties, conferences and expos can be greatly enhanced.

Organising an event is akin to solving a puzzle – each component holds significance. 

So, let’s divide it into three aspects:

1. Room Layout

Imagine the room as a canvas where you can express your creativity. Arranging tables, chairs, and other elements can impact the event’s flow. Consider placing seating or standing areas to create networking hotspots, making it easy for people to mingle and interact. This does not encourage socialisation. Also adds a dynamic and engaging vibe to the space.

2. Audio/Visual Technology

The technical aspects are like superheroes behind the scenes of your event. Make sure you have all the audio and visual tools for presentations. This could include a sound system, high-quality projectors or even interactive screens. The goal is to captivate your audience and ensure everyone can see and hear the magic happening on stage.

3. Accessibility and Acoustics

Accessibility is crucial in making everyone feel welcome at your event. Check for ramps and elevators to accommodate all guests, ensuring everyone can easily navigate the venue. Pay attention to acoustics well – you wouldn’t want any distractions overpowering your speaker’s message. If needed, consider soundproofing measures to create an environment for everyone attending.

Remember that having a planned approach that considers these factors guarantees that your event is more than an occasion. It becomes a memorable and immersive experience.

Latest Technology Used In Business Events

In today’s age, technology has greatly influenced Australia’s corporate and business event scene. With advancements at our disposal, event organisers are leveraging these technologies to enhance guest experiences and engagement.

Nowadays, many modern technologies play a role in creating an experience during events. Organisers use screens, holographic displays, virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and 3D projection mapping to create extraordinary gatherings that captivate attendees.

Virtual Reality booths offer an experience for attendees, allowing them to explore worlds without leaving the comfort of their own space. Additionally, by incorporating augmented reality technology, users can engage with objects in time on screen while captivating graphics and videos enhance brand recognition.

Moreover, the growing popularity of projection mapping has revolutionised business events. These projections transform walls into displays that captivate guests and create visual experiences, ensuring every participant enjoys a memorable occasion.

Impact of Our Latest Trends on Corporate Event Planning

The impact of these trends on corporate event planning in Australia has brought about transformations. Traditionally, corporate entertainment revolved around banquets, summits and team-building exercises. 

However, there is currently a focus on technology-driven events incorporating web elements such as reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). We always stay current with the trends to deliver exceptional client experiences.


Here Are Some Trends That Are Revolutionising Corporate Event Planning

  • Personalisation Takes Center Stage: Tailor every element to create a memorable experience for your audience.
  • Embracing Technology: Seamlessly integrate cutting-edge technology to enhance engagement and create events.
  • Blending Physical and Virtual Realms: Bridge the gap between virtual spaces, ensuring accessibility and keeping attendees engaged.
  • Prioritising Sustainability: Make eco choices by aligning entertainment options with responsibility.
  • Active Engagement is Crucial: Move away from observation. Encourage active participation through interactive performances.
  • Celebrating Cultural Diversity: Create event environments with Vogues acts that showcase a rich tapestry of talents.
  • Health and Safety First: Implement health guidelines to ensure the well-being of both entertainers and attendees.
  • Decision-Making with Data Analytics: Leverage analytics to make choices that align events with audience preferences.


To summarise, Vogue Entertainment revolutionises event planning by incorporating personalisation, technology and sustainability elements to create unforgettable experiences.

Final Thought

The entertainment world is vibrant and diverse. Vogue Entertainment shines as a leading provider offering a range of options to elevate your business events. From timeless performances to the humour of comedians or star-studded celebrity acts,

Vogue Entertainment ensures that your event becomes an unforgettable experience that resonates with attendees long after it concludes. Contact us or call us on 1300 296 133.


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