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IN THIS ARTICLE you’ll find over 55 amazing and wonderful 50th Birthday entertainment ideas suitable for no fuss, simple ideas with a few friends to large extravaganza events. 

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So You're turning 50th hey? Plan An Amazing 50th Birthday Party!

Turning 50, my dears, is like sipping the finest champagne, each golden bubble a memory, an experience, a moment of wisdom. It’s a milestone we don’t take lightly, but we don’t make too much fuss either. We gather our loved ones not to bask in our glory but to share in the radiance of the journey we’ve undertaken.

My recent 50th birthday was an affair to remember, a Great Gatsby-themed extravaganza, where jazz notes swayed in the air, and the stage came alive with dancers and entertainers. But I must say, it’s not about boasting; it’s about cherishing the past, the present, and what lies ahead

Why Celebrate a 50th Birthday?

At 50, we’ve accumulated stories like heirlooms, treasures from years of adventure. It’s a moment to acknowledge our resilience, our growth, our ability to turn life’s pages with grace. But it’s also an occasion to hold close those who have shared our story, for it’s the relationships that make our journey truly rich.

This milestone is a blend of emotions – reflections, regrets, and aspirations, all served on a silver platter of self-acceptance. We celebrate with gratitude, embrace the wisdom that time bestows, and find joy in the memories we’ve woven into the fabric of our lives.

So, let’s raise a glass to the big 5-0, to new chapters, to growth, resilience, and the plethora of experiences that have sculpted us. Whether it’s a grand soirée, a nostalgic journey, or an intimate gathering, it’s all about creating cherished moments and showing appreciation for this exciting new phase in life. Cheers to 50 and to all that lies ahead!

50th Birthday Entertainment Ideas

1. Roaring 20's 50th Birthday Idea

For anyone looking for an incredible 50th birthday celebration venue, the roaring twenties era is a great place to look for inspiration! This was a time of exuberant freedom after the ravages of WWI, where jazz and flapper dresses were all the rage.

To re-create some of that glamour and class for your special occasion, consider focusing on gold décor, art deco signage and cocktail recipes from the era – don’t forget those delicious sidecars and grasshoppers!

Vintage photographic props and a champagne tower will also help to invoke the heady vibes of this fantastic decade. Plus, who doesn’t love getting dressed up in their most 1920s-style outfit – be sure to let everyone know what they should dress up in advance.

Your guests will undoubtedly find it difficult to resist getting their groove thang on as they revel in memories of precisely nine decades earlier.

2. Book An All-In-One Gatsby Themed Entertainment Package

Gatsby Themed Entertainment Package

GATSBY THEMED PARTY PACKAGEContents1 GATSBY THEMED PARTY PACKAGE1.1 DELORES DELIGHTFUL: MC & HOST1.2 GATSBY GIRLS: MEET & GREET1.3 VINTAGE CAR HIRE: OPTIONAL EXTRA1.4 PAPARAZZI PHOTOGRAPHERS: FOYER ENTERTAINMENT 1.5 RED CARPET WITH GOLD BOLLARDS1.6 GATSBY STAGE SHOW:  FEATURE ENTERTAINMENT 1.7 iCandy Trio Band – Live Band With the Gatsby Themed Party package, you’ll have a lineup of top-notch entertainment that captures the spirit of the Roaring Twenties. From the charismatic Delores Delightful as your MC and host to the glamorous Gatsby Girls, the paparazzi-style photographers, and the breathtaking Gatsby

50th Birthday Party Ideas

3. Sports Day 50th Birthday Idea

Creating a sports day for my 50th birthday party is an exciting prospect. Organising some fun challenges and activities, such as backyard cricket, throwing a footy around or playing a game of touch football, will provide hours of entertainment for my guests.

Everyone can join in with the activities and bare witness to the competitive spirit that arises when vying to be hailed the winning team!

Whether I am playing cricket with a tennis ball, tackling my friends into submission at touch football or passing the footy on a lush green field, it will make for an entertaining and memorable afternoon.

To add to the festivities, there should also be plenty of food and drinks available throughout the day—especially those classic Australian dishes like snags and beers! With all these elements in place, I’m sure this will be one of my best birthdays yet.

4. Book A Comedic Host Who Entertainers Your Guests

Ivana Babbleoff

No red carpet event is complete without the Queen Of The Red Carpet, Ivana Babbleoff. Ivana Babbleoff is more than your average reporter…she is the Queen of The Red Carpet and all Hollywood Gossip. With personality as big as her hair and stilettos as high as her hopes, she’s the master of asking the right question to tickle and tantalize your guest’s funny bones. Ivana Babbleoff can be booked by herself or if you are after a bigger impact, as apart

50th Birthday Party Ideas

5. Hire A French Roving Band


Les Baguettes French Roving Band

You won’t find anything more romantic for your wedding or special event than Les Baguettes – a french roving band for hire. “Les Baguettes” will set the flavor of French music as you feel the inspiration of Paris or a romantic walk through the gardens of Versailles all possible through the music of this  french roving band for hire. French Roving Band HistoryContents1 French Roving Band History2 Audio Samples3 French Roving Band Music Repertoire4 More French Roving Bands5 French Jazz Band and Festival Resources There

50th Birthday Party Ideas

6. Wine Tour

For a truly unique celebration, head out on a wine tour for your 50th. Go explore the best wineries the region has to offer and sample some of their finest wines.

Whether a novice or pro at wine tasting, admire the sights and smells of each vineyard while learning from winemakers about how they craft their creations. After a few rounds of tastings, enjoy a gourmet lunch at one of the local restaurants nearby with your closest friends and family.

Toast to the occasion while feasting on delicious cuisine with perfectly paired wines.

7. Hire A Kylie Minogue Stage Show

100% Kylie Tribute Show

100% Kylie

“BEST KYLIE ACT”Contents1 “BEST KYLIE ACT”2 Best Kylie Minogue Tribute Show3 Video of 100 Percent Kylie4 History of 100% Kylie Tribute Show5 Quote From Kylie Minogue in March 20156 What’s in the 100% Kylie Minogue Tribute Show7 How to Book 100 Percent Kylie As quoted Kylie Minogue in February 2010. Best Kylie Minogue Tribute Show 100% KYLIE is best described in the words of Kylie herself ‘BEST KYLIE ACT’ – Feb 2010. 100% KYLIE extraordinarily replicates the look and sound

50th Birthday Party Ideas

8. Masquerade Ball

A masquerade ball will provide an exciting and glamorous experience for your 50th birthday celebration.

Guests should be encouraged to dress in their finest attire and cover their faces with charming masks, giving them a sense of mystery and intrigue.

Music and lights will add to the atmosphere, transforming the party into a dreamy escape from everyday life.

You can either ask your guests to bring their own masks or provide masks at the entrance for those who don’t have any.

As they mingle around the room, they can uncover secrets as they remain cloaked in anonymity behind their disguises.

At midnight, before blowing out the candles on your cake, get everyone to reveal their identities one by one in a big reveal! It’s sure to be an unforgettable event that will surprise and entertain your guests for years to come.

9. Hire An Acoustic Jazz Band

Hire jazz bands

Pete Mitchell Jazz

Pete Mitchell Jazz features the the wonderful saxophones sounds of Pete Mitchell. Pete Mitchell completed a diploma in jazz performance in 1997 having passed VCE Musicraft on guitar in 1995. During the diploma course he co-formed “Take Four”, a sax lead jazz / funk quartet which played over a hundred gigs in a year and was a huge success at the 1997 Merimbula Jazz Festival. Recently Pete’s various duos, trios and quartets have played at many corporate, private and public events

50th Birthday Party Ideas

10. Game Night

Game night is a great way to celebrate any special occasion and a 50th birthday party is no exception. It’s a chance to gather your closest friends and family around in the comfort of your own home and have some fun.

Whether it’s playing board games, card games or even video games, game night will be sure to bring out plenty of laughter and good times for all.

For starters, you can never go wrong with classic board games like monopoly or scrabble; however there are so many more interesting modern versions available that will liven up any gathering!

If cards are more your style then you and your guests could try something like poker, an exciting variation on the traditional game.

Don’t forget about digital versions either; setting up a few gaming stations can give everyone an opportunity to pick their favorite console game and try their hand at defeating each other in comfortable couches around the living room.

No matter which direction you choose for your 50th birthday celebration, game night will definitely be an exciting experience that everyone will enjoy. Not only is it sure to be full of laughs but also plenty of memories!

11. Hire An Electric Jazz Band

Scotch and Soda

Scotch and Soda jazz band in Melbourne is made up of incredibly talented musicians that play instrumental jazz standards, chilled grooves and funky ambient music for corporate events and weddings. They will make your corporate event or function the talk of the town with their slick and very polished performance creating a hip and relaxed atmosphere for your guests to enjoy. The members of Scotch and Soda are full time professional musicians with specific knowledge of the coordination and running of

50th Birthday Party Ideas

12. Literary Heroes 50th Birthday Theme

Immerse yourselves in the world of classic works and contemporary literature with a wondrously whimsical evening.

Ask all of your guests to come dressed as their favourite literary character – from Harry Potter to The Handmaid’s Tale, Austen to Wilde – and prepare for an entertaining night of ‘Guess Who?’

Read aloud classic passages from beloved characters, sip on drinks inspired by books (Think Butterbeer or Gin & Literary Tonic!), and reminisce over memories shared around cherished stories. Most importantly, toast to great literature and each other as you celebrate your friend’s big day.

13. Elton John Tribute Show

Elton John Tribute Show Melbourne

Do you love the music of Elton John? Then you need to book Elton John Tribute Show Melbourne.  Crocodile Rocket is a live entertainment experience featuring all your favourite Elton John classics plus some spicy stories about the songs and the man himself. The Entertainment behind Elton John Tribute Show MelbourneContents1 The Entertainment behind Elton John Tribute Show Melbourne2 Elton John Tribute Show Live on Stage in Melbourne3 Elton John Tribute Show Songlist4 How to Book Elton John Tribute Show Melbourne Entertainer

50th Birthday Party Ideas

14. Surprise Sunday Session - No Fuss

A surprise Sunday session is a great way to celebrate a birthday without much fuss. It’s perfect for that special someone who prefers intimate gatherings over large celebrations.

All you need to do is book a private area in advance and send out the invite via WhatsApp or other messaging services.

On the day of the party, casually suggest having ‘a few quiet drinks in the sunshine’ with your loved one’s friends and family, and you are ready to surprise them with an intimate gathering that they will definitely remember!

15. Engage a String Quartet

Four Seasons String Quartet

The members of Four Seasons String Quartet are internationally experienced performers. They have now been playing together for seven years and are dedicated to bringing the wealth and beauty of string music to as wide an audience as possible. All the players have completed degrees in music and currently reside in Melbourne and perform with various orchestras including the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, Orchestra Victoria, Melbourne Musicians, Australian Pops Orchestra as well as having a busy teaching practice. About the musicContents1

50th Birthday Party Ideas

16. Intimate Dinner Party For 50th Birthday

An intimate dinner party for a 50th birthday celebration is the perfect way to mark this momentous occasion. With only a small number of guests, you can make the evening truly special.

To start, book a private dining room and fill it with your favorite flowers to set the tone for an unforgettable evening. Softly playing jazz music and candlelight will create an ambience that is both sophisticated yet welcoming.

You’ll be waited on hand and foot, leaving you to enjoy the company of your friends without worrying about cooking or cleaning up afterwards! And remember – it’s your birthday after all, so don’t forget to spoil yourself!

A dinner party is such a personal way to celebrate and can be tailored exactly how you would like it.

It will be sure to be an unforgettable evening spent with people who have shared in many memories throughout your life!

17. Be Dazzled By A Hypnotist

Kevin Grise

The Hypnotist, Kevin Grise presents a world class performance that is absolutely awesome !! With more than 20 years experience as a Hypnotherapist, Kevin’s dynamic style and professionalism are apparent in all aspects of his show. Using specially developed speed inductions, he makes it look so easy – using total strangers with no pre- selection, screening or prior considering – with just a snap of a finger. His show is personality driven, interweaving his quick witted humour with the comments

50th Birthday Party Ideas

18. Beach Party Bonanza

A beach party bonanza is the perfect way to celebrate a 50th birthday. Gather your closest friends and family on the sand and enjoy some good old-fashioned summertime fun. Lay out some colourful beach towels, put on some sunscreen, and start the party.

Create a range of activities to make sure everyone has a great time, like beach volleyball, swimming in the ocean or playing card games in the shade under an umbrella or canopy.

You can organize group feasts of snacks and drinks, create DIY craft projects such as jewelry making using beach finds or have a classic karaoke session with everyone singing along to their favorite songs.

With enough imagination and creativity there’s no limit to what you can do at a beach party bonanza!

19. Get Crazy! Book Fake Paparazzi To Greet Your Guests

Hire Paparazzi Actors

The Paparazzi

The Paparazzi are 1940’s style journalist reporters that entertain guests as they arrive to your special event. The Paparazzi will take flash photos as guests arrive from the street entrance to the pre-dinner drinks area. With light-hearted wise-cracks and clever accents from around the world, The Paparazzi will interview your guests as if they are celebrities and movie stars desperate to find out the latest gossip and snap their picture. For even more fun check out The Queen Of The

50th Birthday Party Ideas

20. 007 Theme For 50th Birthday Party

The thrill of a 007-style party will bring about memories of the most glamorous, high-class events. Your guests can dress to impress. As they arrive, they can be welcomed with the jazzy rhythms and classic notes of one of many iconic Bond themes such as Adele’s ‘Skyfall’ or Shirley Bassey’s ‘Goldfinger’.

At the bar, delicious vodka martinis will be served up – shaken (but not stirred!) – giving an ode to the timeless film franchise that has captivated audiences for decades. Delicious canapes and treats will kept people fuelled for the evening, while exciting games put them in a 007 state of mind. This 50th birthday bash is guaranteed to provide a night that nobody will forget!

21. Ole! Hire A Latin Band For Your 50th Birthday Party

La Mezcla

La Mezcla, translated in Spanish as “the fusion”, this popular Latin band plays various music styles such as salsa, cumbia, son, merengue, latin r&b and hip hop. From their formation 1998, the band members have been on a personal journey to satisfy their wide variety of audiences as well as their own artistic drives. La Mezcla have rapidly risen in the professional scene over the past 9 years. Audio Samples La Mezcla Audio La Mezcla Latin Band In 1998 they

50th Birthday Party Ideas

22. Music Festival

The thrill of a 007-style party will bring about memories of the most glamorous, high-class events. Your guests can dress to impress. As they arrive, they can be welcomed with the jazzy rhythms and classic notes of one of many iconic Bond themes such as Adele’s ‘Skyfall’ or Shirley Bassey’s ‘Goldfinger’.

At the bar, delicious vodka martinis will be served up – shaken (but not stirred!) – giving an ode to the timeless film franchise that has captivated audiences for decades. Delicious canapes and treats will kept people fuelled for the evening, while exciting games put them in a 007 state of mind. This 50th birthday bash is guaranteed to provide a night that nobody will forget!

23. Hire A Dance Party Band For Your 50th Birthday Party

Wedding Band Melbourne

Rapture Band

“Rapture Is a Sensational Live Band!”Contents1 “Rapture Is a Sensational Live Band!”2 Audio Samples3 Modern Smash Hits4 90’s Greats5 80’s Retro Classics6 70’s Dance Hits7 60’s Pop & R’n’B8 50’s Rock ‘n’ Roll9 Chill Out Groove Music10 Funky Jazz11 Latin Beats12 Swingin’ Jazz13 Wedding Songs14 Rapture Big Band15 How To Book Rapture For An Unforgettable Event Rapture boasts some of Australia’s finest musicians. Our musicians based in Melbourne have had an average of 15+ years experience in the music industry

50th Birthday Party Ideas

24. Outback Adventure

Heading off on an outback adventure is the perfect way to celebrate a birthday or other special occasion in Australia.

Explore one of Australia’s truly unique landscapes, with its wide open spaces, desert oasis and natural beauty – and make the most of the outdoors with unforgettable activities like bush walking, rock climbing, mountain biking and camping under the stars.

Start planning your Australian outback adventure today. Whether it’s camping, exploring hidden waterholes or hiking trails, you can plan a holiday full of exciting activities that really let you experience the great outdoors.

25. "What Are You Looking At?" Immaculate Madonna Tribute Show

Image of Madonna Tribute Show

Immaculate Madonna Tribute Show

Take the greatest female artist of all time, the most popular dance anthems for generations, unmatched on stage charisma, all wrapped in some of the world’s most iconic costumes, and you have yourself IMMACULATE MADONNA! Paying tribute to the global icon that is Madonna, IMMACULATE MADONNA is the genuine live concert experience dedicated to the Queen of Pop. Madonna Tribute Show VideoContents1 Madonna Tribute Show Video2 Madonna Tribute Show Costumes3 Choreography for The Madonna Tribute4 More About Immaculate Madonna5 Madonna

50th Birthday Party Ideas

26. Backyard BBQ Bash

Nothing says fun like a backyard BBQ bash and there’s no better reason to get together than to celebrate your 50th. It’s an opportunity to relax, knock back a few beers, and delight in delectable BBQ creations.

Nothing is more fun for friends and family than spending time outdoors soaking up the sun, laughing with each other over good food and drinks, and of course making special memories that will last you a lifetime.

Hosting a backyard BBQ bash doesn’t have to be complicated; just keep things simple! Fire up the barbie and prepare some classic cheeseburgers or hot dogs while you make sides like potato salad or pasta salad.

With great conversation, delicious food, and lots of laughter filling the air, your gathering is sure to be an event no one will soon forget.

27. Bring The King Of Pop Back With a micheal jackson show

Michael Jackson Tribute Show

Michael Jackson – The King of Pop Show

Michael Jackson Tribute ShowContents1 Michael Jackson Tribute Show2 What Is The Michael Jackson Tribute Show About?3 You Will Believe You Are Watching Michael Jackson!3.1 Richard Wilkins, Entertainment Editor, Channel 9 Today Show Says:3.2 Catriona Rowntree, Presenter, 9 Network’s Getaway says:4 Michael Jackson Tribute Show Songs5 Michael Jackson Tribute Show Available for weddings too!6 How to Book Michael Jackson Tribute Show Be prepared to be amazed! This is show is a knock out. The King of Pop Show is the world’s renowned

50th Birthday Party Ideas

28. Trivia Night Theme 50th Birthday Party

There’s no better way to commemorate the milestone of a 50th birthday than with a fun-filled trivia night. With plenty of laughs and tons of fun, this is a great idea for an enjoyable evening of celebration. To get started, round up your best buds and book a table or two for mid-week trivia at your favorite local hangout. And don’t forget – it wouldn’t be a fully immersive experience without some classic bar foods like burgers and beers!

29. Celebrate Your 50th Birthday With Robbie Williams Tribute Show

Robbie Williams Tribute Show

Robbie Williams Tribute Show

The Robbie Williams Experience is the “Number 1” Robbie Williams tribute show in the land! Louie’s resemblance to the man himself is uncanny and his sense of fun infectious. Prepare yourself to be taken on the ride of your life with this Robbie Williams Tribute. Hit Songs From Robbie Williams Tribute ShowContents1 Hit Songs From Robbie Williams Tribute Show2 Robbie Williams Tribute Line Up Options3 Robbie Williams Tribute For Big Events4 Robbie Williams Experience Bookings The show is jam packed

50th Birthday Party Ideas

30. Karaoke Night

Nothing quite screams ‘Birthday Party’ than a good Karaoke Night. Break out the karaoke machine, some microphones and get ready to sing your heart out!

Whether it’s classic hits or one-hit wonders, everyone can find a song they know and join in on the fun.

Have your guests take turns to bust out their signature tunes, with a few bonus points going for the most daringly off-key renditions!

Plan out some light food and refreshments to keep everyone’s energy levels up throughout the night. Offer a variety of snacks like chips and dip or popcorn to share between everyone in attendance.

For drinks, you can create an at-home bar stocked with soda and mixers plus beer and wine for those who would like them.

Lastly, make sure there are plenty of props like confetti poppers, silly wigs or hats available so that everyone can really let loose and show off their fun side!

A successful karaoke night is sure to be full of laughter and good memories that your friends will never forget.

31. Take It Easy on Your 50th With Eagles Tribute Show

Eagles Tribute Show

The Eagles Tribute: Take It Easy Come on a journey to the “Motel” California as two fans collide bringing their mutual love and admiration for the brilliance that is THE EAGLES to life in TAKE IT EASY. The “TAKE IT EASY” show is an acoustic tribute to The Eagles. Featuring a beautiful selection of brilliant songs, performed and sung by the wonderful Daniel Agius on Guitar and Jason Dean on Piano. Two highly acclaimed in demand musicians who have put

50th Birthday Party Ideas

32. High Tea

High tea is the perfect way to celebrate a special milestone such as a 50th birthday. A high tea offers an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere for your special occasion.

Invite friends and family to enjoy the fine selection of artisan teas while they savor delicacies from a decadent spread of small eats like cakes, scones, finger sandwiches, and pastries. High tea can be either formal or casual depending on the type of celebration but in either case it will provide an unforgettable experience that your guests won’t soon forget.

To make this event even more memorable you may also consider booking a harpist or another musician to play during your high tea.

No matter what elements go into making this event special, one thing is certain – high tea can be an absolute delight if it’s done right!

33. Book Katy Perry Tribute Show for Your 50th Party

Katy Perry Tribute Show

Katy Perry Tribute Show

You won’t believe your eyes when you see Betty Dargie as Katy Perry. Betty’s natural resemblance to Katy Perry is uncanny. Even up close, you will believe you are seeing the superstar. Betty is constantly mistaken for the celebrity in every day life so you can imagine what happens with hair, makeup and costumes! About The Katy Perry Tribute Show Betty Dargie stars in The Katy Perry Tribute Show, a power-packed production which includes an incredibly talented and glamorous cast

50th Birthday Party Ideas

34. Comedy Night

Spending a night laughing with your friends is always a great way to celebrate turning fifty. If you’re looking for the perfect way to mark the milestone, why not host a comedy night?

Via ticketing websites like Eventbrite or Ticketmaster, you can easily book tickets for yourself and your closest friends to attend an evening of laughter at a local comedy show or event.

Beforehand, meet up for pre-show drinks and dinner with your group – the added festivities will make sure your evening is extra special.

Get dressed up in something festive and have fun reminiscing over old memories together; an occasion such as this only happens once every fifty years!

35. What's A 50th Party Without ABBA? Book BABBA


ABBA will never tour again, but the band is alive once more and sounding as good as they ever did in the form of BABBA. With the help of a cryogenic freezer and some cosmetic surgery, Benny, Bjorn, Frida and Agnetha are back, looking younger than ever. Audio Samples BABBA Audio Through careful research and rehearsal, BABBA have faithfully reproduced the ABBA sound so well, it is an awesome experience. With the look, the costumes, Swedish accents and a cheeky

50th Birthday Party Ideas

36. Movie Marathon

Holding a movie marathon for your 50th birthday is the perfect way to spend quality time with friends and family. This is the time to bring everyone together, grab some snacks, pop the popcorn, and have a good time watching your favorite films.

Before you start planning out your 50th birthday movie marathon, it’s important to think about what types of movies you’d like to watch.

From comedies to dramas, action flicks or documentaries, there are endless possibilities for creating an exciting marathon of films that will keep everyone entertained throughout the night.

Get creative by selecting titles that fit certain themes or genres – such as 80s fantasy films or classic French cinema – for a nostalgic and unique selection of movies.

Once you’ve selected your top picks, you can prepare everything else needed for a comfortable evening spent in front of the television; comfy blankets and pillows make great additions for ultimate relaxation.

Lastly don’t forget those snacks! Sweets and savoury treats can go a long way in ensuring those watching enjoy themselves with full bellies!

37. Book a Dixieland Roving Band


Jelly Roll Jazz Band

The Jelly Roll Jazz Band are not just your average band. They are a 3 piece mobile band who are a versatile, interactive and are an entertaining group who play a variety of music including Dixieland jazz, swing, Latin as well as 50’s and 60’s pop. The group was the regular Dixieland roving act at Movie World so they understand presentation, professionalism and reliability. Perfect Jazz band for 1920’s Gatsby NightsContents1 Perfect Jazz band for 1920’s Gatsby Nights2 Audio Samples3 Jelly Roll

50th Birthday Party Ideas

38. Paint and Sip

A paint and sip party is a great way to get your friends together for a cozy night of creativity and relaxation. Each guest can take turns trying their hand at painting whatever catches their fancy on a canvas, or you can provide them with stencils to help them create something beautiful.

There’s no need to be an experienced painter—just having fun is the name of the game! And as everyone works hard on their creations, they can enjoy sipping on some favorite drinks and munching on some tasty snacks.

The best part about hosting a paint and sip party is that it doesn’t require any expensive materials or expertise. All you need are some paints, brushes, canvases, drinks and snacks for your guests. An old t-shirt will do for each person so that they don’t get paint stains on their clothing.

With some great music playing in the background, it won’t be long before your painters finish up their masterpieces with pride. Afterward, everyone can display their artwork on the wall or show it off online—this will make for a fantastic memory to look back upon!

39. Hire a Smooth Jazz Crooner

Bob Valentine

An evening with Bob Valentine will take you down a musical road you will want to travel more than once. Bobby loves nothing better than a good party and many people will attest to the fact that a Bob Valentine gig is one hell of a party! Audio SamplesContents1 Audio Samples2 Bob Valentine Events3 Bob Valentine Private Parties4 Bob Valentine Television Appearances5 Bob Valentine Corporate Events6 Bob Valentine Big Band7 There’s No other Store Like David Jones8 International9 Bob Valentine The

50th Birthday Party Ideas

40. Virtual Game Night - Online Party

If you’re looking for a fun way to commemorate your 50th birthday, consider hosting a virtual game night with your friends and family. With everyone stuck inside due to the pandemic, connecting over video calls helps us stay connected even when we can’t physically be together.

There are plenty of different games that will keep everyone entertained and engaged during your special occasion. For example, try trivia – one player can read out questions from a trivia deck while others compete to guess the answers first.

Charades is also a classic party game that’s easy to play remotely – split up into teams or go head-to-head trying to get clues across without speaking.

Pictionary is another great draw-and-guess activity that works great over Zoom too! And since this is your day, think of other creative ways you’d like to celebrate – have mass karaoke, play Jackbox trust falling bird watching or take turns sharing funny stories and jokes over the call!

Whatever games you choose to play will surely make for an unforgettable evening with all of your loved ones!

41. Book A World Class Magician

Duck Cameron

Ever wondered about being levitated? Ever thought what it would be like to be cut in half, to escape from a straight jacket while hanging upside down high above the crowd, to breathe fire and swallow razor blades? Duck Cameron’s Magic Shows: Experience the EnchantmentContents1 Duck Cameron’s Magic Shows: Experience the Enchantment2 Video Live on Stage: Duck Cameron’s Breathtaking Performances3 Illusionist Spectacular Stage Show Aboard Cruise Ship4 Duck Cameron Is An Award Winning Master Magician5 Bookings For Duck Cameron: Make

50th Birthday Party Ideas

42. Escape Room

An escape room can be an exciting and unique birthday party experience for both kids and adults. An escape room is a themed adventure game where players must work together, utilizing their wits and knowledge to solve puzzles in order to unlock the doors leading out of the room before time runs out.

The goal is to “escape” within the designated amount of time.

For a birthday celebration like no other, an escape room adventure offers the perfect combination of thrill, challenge, and fun.

The imaginative themed rooms come alive with eerie music, thrilling surprises, and thought-provoking riddles. Participants will be encouraged to talk to each other, think outside the box, and use teamwork in order to piece together clues that will lead them through various obstacles as they work towards unlocking the exit in time.

So get ready—it’s time for an unforgettable escape room experience.

43. Book An Amazing Magic Show

Image of Ben Murphy Magic

Ben Murphy

One of the world’s most original and engaging magical entertainers, Ben Murphy is known for his unique comedic twist on magic and illusion. Ben Murphy’s Amazing Magic ShowsContents1 Ben Murphy’s Amazing Magic Shows2 Watch Ben Murphy Showreel3 Ben Outdoes Houdini With His Water Torture4 How to hire Ben Murphy for your event. With incredible energy Ben delivers amazing performances for any size event. For more intimate small events Ben’s sleight of hand tricks are incredible. For larger events Ben has performed

50th Birthday Party Ideas

44. Competition Day - Old Skool

Competition day is the perfect way to liven up a birthday party. For my 50th birthday, I’m planning to hold a day of fun competitions that everyone can get involved in.

Race events are always popular, such as an egg and spoon race or sack race; then there are opportunities for teams to show their strength in games like tug-of-war – this means the entire family can join together and have loads of fun!

Prizes will be awarded for each competition so everyone will have something to strive for; I will choose the awards carefully – nothing too small, but not overly extravagant either.

To make it more exciting, I’m even thinking of creating some DIY awards! At the end of my competition day, all guests should be feeling victorious and full of long-lasting memories.

45. Sing Along With An Acoustic Guitarist

Paul Jamieson

Having been described as “jazz with a twist of lime..” Paul’s Jamaican influences along with the latin grooves often associated with jazz make for a most appealing “cocktail” of cool and fun music. His repertoire also includes more contemporary pop songs. Paul Jamieson has held a long term residency at Crown Casino also having performed at countless venues and festivals including The Chifley, The Sheraton, Menzies Rialto, Abel Tasman, Spirit of Tasmania, Lassetters Casino, Apollo Bay Festival, The St.Kilda Festival

50th Birthday Party Ideas

46. Foodie Tour

Food tours make for an unforgettable birthday experience. Imagine spending the day savoring unique dishes from some of the best restaurants and food trucks your city has to offer.

From delectable street tacos to freshly-made pies, you and your group can indulge in a variety of exotic deliciousness.

On a foodie tour, there is something to suit any palate or craving! What’s more, you’ll get to experience different neighborhoods and environments as you explore each venue.

No matter what cuisine you choose, a foodie tour is sure to spice up any special occasion with fun and flavor.

47. Be Entertained By A glamorous Pop Opera Vocalist

Clara Helms

The statuesque Miss Clara Helms first came to national attention as a Finalist on Channel 7’s Australia’s Got Talent. After blowing the judges away with her outstanding talent, she won the hearts of Australia too. Clara Helms, is the answer to glamorous Pop Opera / Adult contemporary cross over music. Clara is graceful, talented and reliable and “has a voice of an angel”. She is passionate and hard working and has a captivatingly strong stage presence and charisma singing music

50th Birthday Party Ideas

48. Spa Day

Spending a day at the spa is one of the best ways to treat yourself and celebrate a special occasion, such as a birthday.

With its soothing environment and range of pampering treatments such as massages, facials, body wraps, acupuncture, and more, it’s the perfect way to relax and rejuvenate your mind and body.

At a spa day, you can also enjoy activities such as saunas or Jacuzzis to further enhance your relaxation. Plus, it’s fun to share the experience with friends!

It’s sure to leave you feeling refreshed and re-energized—the perfect way to kick off any birthday celebration!

49. Laugh Along With Australia's Best Impersonators

Ben Price

Comedian Ben Price is Known as Australia’s Best Impersonator. He consistently has his audiences rolling in the aisles with his spot on impersonations of personalities such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Owen Wilson, Homer Simpson or Dr Phil. A national talent at an international level, Ben has performed overseas on many occasions, most recently wrapping up a comedy tour of New York at Dangerfield’s Comedy Club. A recent career highlight was performing a warm up gig for the Global Financial Education Summit

50th Birthday Party Ideas

50. Themed Party

Hosting a themed party for a 50th birthday is an exhilarating way to celebrate this significant milestone.

The choice of theme can transport the guests to another era, create a magical atmosphere, or reflect the passions and personality of the birthday person.

Whether it’s a Great Gatsby-inspired soirée, a vintage Hollywood glam affair, or a nostalgic ’70s disco extravaganza, the theme sets the stage for a night of nostalgia and glamour.

It’s an opportunity to curate every detail, from the decorations to the music, to craft an immersive experience that not only celebrates the journey of half a century but also invites guests to be a part of a unique, memorable celebration.

A themed party for a 50th birthday is more than just an event; it’s a journey through time and a heartfelt tribute to the birthday honoree’s life and legacy.

51. Stun Your Guests At The Opening: Book Japanese Drummers


Japanese Drummers

Japanese Drummers – Energize Your Event with Thunderous BeatsContents1 Japanese Drummers – Energize Your Event with Thunderous Beats2 About Japanese Drummers3 Why Choose Japanese Drummers for Your Event?4 How to Book Japanese Drummers5 Feel the Thunder of Japanese Drummers6 How To Book Japanese Drummers Experience the captivating power and traditional artistry of Japan with our sensational Japanese Drummers. Whether it’s a wedding, street festival, corporate event, or birthday party, their thunderous performances will leave your guests in awe and create

50th Birthday Party Ideas

52. Hiking Adventure

For nature lovers, there’s no better way to celebrate a 50th birthday than by hosting a hiking adventure.

Picture this: selecting a breathtaking trail surrounded by the beauty of the great outdoors, the scent of pine trees, and the melody of birdsong.

As the sun dances through the leaves, you and your closest friends and family embark on a memorable journey.

It’s a day of exploration, connection, and rejuvenation. Bring along a carefully prepared picnic lunch, where delicious bites are savored amidst the natural splendor, making the celebration not just about age but also the timeless beauty of the world around us.

It’s a celebration that harmonizes the soul with the serene rhythms of the great outdoors, and one that will be remembered for years to come.

53. Dazzle Your Guests With Stunning Brazilian


Brazilian Dancers

Brazilian Dancers – Ignite Your Event with the Rhythm of BrazilContents1 Brazilian Dancers – Ignite Your Event with the Rhythm of Brazil2 Brazilian Dancers Video3 Why Choose Brazilian Dancers for Your Event?4 How to Book Brazilian Dancers5 Feel the Rhythm of Brazil6 How To Book Brazilian Dancers Experience the vibrant energy and contagious joy of Brazil at your event with our sensational Brazilian Dancers. From weddings and street festivals to corporate events and birthday parties, their electrifying performances will captivate

50th Birthday Party Ideas

54. Fondue 50th Birthday Party Idea

Elevate your 50th birthday celebration with a twist on the classic wine and cheese gathering – let’s make it fondue!

Set the scene for an evening of warmth and togetherness as you artfully arrange an enticing array of bread, crisp vegetables, succulent fruits, and a selection of meats on a rustic breadboard.

The savory and sweet await your guests, promising a tantalizing journey for their taste buds. The centerpiece of your soirée is the fondue pot, a bubbling cauldron of melted goodness, ready to envelop your chosen dippers.

This is not just a meal; it’s an experience – a sensory celebration of flavors and friendship.

55. Have Dinner at Home For Your 50th Birthday

Sometimes, amidst the whirlwind of life’s adventures, a simple, delicious dinner at home with your nearest and dearest friends becomes the ultimate way to celebrate a milestone birthday.

As you gather around a table adorned with fragrant dishes and clinking glasses, there’s a profound sense of intimacy and connection.

Laughter and shared stories flow freely, echoing through the cozy walls of your abode. The best part?

There’s no rush, no closing time; everyone can stay as long as they want.

It’s a celebration where the clock’s hands seem to slow down, allowing you to savor every moment, every bite, and every heartfelt conversation.

This is a tribute to the beauty of simplicity, where joy is found in the shared company of cherished friends, making your milestone birthday an unforgettable, heartwarming evening.

56. Throw a Homemade Pizza Party

Host a pizza-making party for your 50th birthday!

Take a fun pizza-making class and learn the art of crafting the perfect dough. Enjoy a wide range of toppings, from vegetarian to carnivorous, as you create your personalized pizzas.

It’s a delightful celebration that combines culinary adventure, bonding, and the joy of making something delicious from scratch.

The best part of this celebration? The endless array of toppings that await your creative touch.

Whether your palate craves vegetarian delights or carnivorous combinations, the choices are as diverse as your imagination allows.

As you knead, spread sauce, layer toppings, and watch the cheese melt to golden perfection, you’re not just making pizza; you’re crafting memories and savoring the fruits of your labor, both culinary and social.

FAQs: 50th Birthday Entertainment Ideas

A: People book all types of entertainers including magicians, roving entertainment, comedians, as well as musicians, bands and DJs.

A: It’s advisable to book musicians as early as possible, preferably 3-6 months in advance. Popular musicians tend to have busy schedules, so securing them early ensures their availability for your desired date.

A: Seek recommendations from friends, family, and wedding professionals who have firsthand experience with musicians. Additionally, explore online platforms and directories that provide a wide selection of talented musicians to choose from or use a trusted and experienced entertainment agency.

A: You should consider your personality and the collective energy of your friends and family. Talking to an entertainment consultant will get you thinking about practical options you can afford.

A: You could book entertainers that do not require amplification. Alternatively, communicate any sound restrictions or limitations to the musicians during the initial stages of booking. Professional musicians and DJ’s are experienced in adapting to various venues and can work with you to ensure compliance while maintaining the desired musical experience.

A: It depends on the musicians and the specific arrangements. Some musicians come fully equipped with their own sound systems, while others may require the venue or a third-party sound company to provide the necessary equipment. Clarify these details during the booking process.

A: The duration of the musicians’ performance can vary based on your preferences and the flow of your reception. Most commonly, musicians perform for 2-4 hours, with breaks interspersed throughout the event. Entertainers vary and can be booked for a mininum of 1 hour up to multiple hours.

A: The cost of hiring entertainment can vary depending on factors such as the number of performers, their experience, the duration of their performance, and additional services provided. Discuss pricing details and any potential extra fees during the initial consultations.

A: It is a courteous gesture to offer meals to the musicians, especially if they will be performing for an extended period. Discuss this with the musicians beforehand to ensure everyone is on the same page. Generally, for bookings of 4 hours and over, you’ll need to provide a meal.

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