La Mezcla

La Mezcla, translated in Spanish as “the fusion”, this popular Latin band plays various music styles such as salsa, cumbia, son, merengue, latin r&b and hip hop. From their formation 1998, the band members have been on a personal journey to satisfy their wide variety of audiences as well as their own artistic drives. La Mezcla have rapidly risen in the professional scene over the past 9 years.

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La Mezcla Latin Band

In 1998 they recorded a cd with Spanish composers, which was later promoted in Latin America. Their fused latino style songs have been used in several Australian movies, and have appeared at several respected venues such as the Moomba festival, Johnston Street Hispanic Festival, world to world festival, performances in the concert hall, Monash University, Rio’s restaurant and Copacabana Latin Club.

In 2004, la Mezcla explored more into commercial an pop songs in order to be more appealing to a wider audience type and age. their repertoire now includes many English & Spanish songs by artists such as Shakira, Ricky Martin, Gloria Estefan, Buena Vista Social Club, Mark Anthony, Santana and many more!

conga (conga)
that’s ok – mark anthony
valio la pena – mark anthony
nadie como ella – mark anthony
cali (salsa)
la tortura – regueton
maria, maria – santana (salsa)
corazon espinado – santana (cha cha cha)
smooth – santana (cha cha cha)
gypsy kings mix (rumba)
carinito (bomba)
sacala (salsa)
merengue mix
cumbia de los muertos – cumbia kings
mi gente – cumbia kings (cumbia – reggae)
cuarto de tula – buena vista social club
chan chan – buena vista social club
ninia – mana (latin pop rock)
solo yo te quise – mana (latin pop rock)

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