The Big Bang

The Big Bang 5 piece  –  the ‘complete package’

Specialising in large corporate and outdoor events, a full production show can be organised including dancers and professional lighting to ensure your event is the dynamic, energetic show required to leave a lasting impression. Lead by a twin attack of frontman / guitarist Dan Melita and songstress Lynda Fenollar, the group is full of energy and guarantee to get your guests dancing. A huge variety of songs are available, including all of the classic party tracks. If you require a unique touch, requests can also be arranged.

The Big Bang 4 piece combo – the ‘best of both worlds’

Charismatic frontman / guitarist Dan Melita combines vocally with dynamic standout  Lynda Fenollar to provide a 4 piece that can cover any musical genre or style an audience could ask for. From pop, disco, funk, rock, 70s, 80s, 90s…even swing – you name it ! Lynda’s extraordinary talents, will get the party started and we’re delighted to have her on board the Big Bang! Studio quality backing tracks are offered as part of the four piece version to provide keyboard/synth instruments, effectively providing a virtual fifth member – more “Big Bang” for your buck!

The Big Bang Trio

Available as ‘Unplugged’ acoustic and Electric with backing tracks.
The group are perfectly suited to small sized venues and function rooms. This smaller size allows for an emphasis on audience interaction and a unique entertainment experience. Led by Dan Melita, the line up consists of Guitar, Bass and Drums. Studio quality backing tracks are offered as part of the electric version to provide keyboard/synth instruments, effectively providing a virtual fourth member – more “Big Bang” for your buck!
All members are quality vocalists.

Big Bang Duo – Top 40 Acoustic

This combination takes the “MTV Unplugged” concept as its starting point and uses acoustic guitar, drums and two vocals to replicate a full band in an acoustic fashion – all done with ease, imagination and a small dose of humour.
Perfect for smaller venues, weddings and outdoor events, “The Big Bang” acoustic duo is a revelation in that it can change gears in engaging an audience – either by keeping a crowd dancing on the floor or by simply entertaining them with quiet background music.


Dan Melita is a premier quality solo performer, with an incredible voice and guitar playing style. As a soloist, he plays popular acoustic top 40 and Jazz.

Whether it be performing acoustic top 40 tunes for nightclubs or playing jazz in intimate settings, Dan’s repertoire is vast with literally thousands of songs in memory ready to play at request – always with the aim of playful entertainment & genuine connection with his audience. Dan’s show can either be “accompanied” by live backing tracks for a more energetic approach, or it can be stripped back for a more subtle performance depending on the atmosphere required.

To book The Big Bang, call Vogue Entertainment on 1300 296 133

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