Roving Bands

Get up close and personal by booking a roving band for your next festival or outdoor event. Catering to all budgets, roving band create a carnival atmosphere with a range of different styles of music and instrumentation. Typically, brass and percussion feature in these roving bands, however it’s not uncommon for accordion and other world instruments to be included in roving bands. Check more roving entertainment ideas.

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Japanese Drummers

Japanese Drummers – Energize Your Event with Thunderous Beats Experience the captivating power and traditional artistry of Japan with our

The Rosetski Brothers

Together in the spirit of wandering minstrels, The Rosetski Brother Show consists of juggling, ballooning, unicycling, magic tricks and other

Inka Marka

Based in Melbourne Australia, they have become one of Australia’s best loved and popular folk music acts. Well known and

The Pony Tones

Straight out of the starting gate, these jockey musicians will help make your next event a winner! Complete with their

The Super Tones

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no wait…it is the Super Tones bringing the sounds of your favourite superheros to

The Mistle Tones

Bring the Christmas cheer to your next event with the Mistle Tones. Checking up to see who’s been naughty or


Do you need musical roving bands to make an impact? Do you need a special act to entertain a large


Jelly Roll Jazz Band

The Jelly Roll Jazz Band are not just your average band. They are a 3 piece mobile band who are a versatile,


This fiery instrumental trio performs the music of Karen Kyriakou in the style of Eastern European dance traditions. Kazband has