Business & Motivational Speakers

Want to hire a speaker with quality industry experience? Someone that will be able to inspire your guests and get them to think about their work from a new perspective? At Vogue Entertainment we have a selection of professional business and motivational speakers brimming with charisma, charm and a depth of knowledge. Call us on 1300 296 133 or fill out our contact form.

Col Cameron

Col Cameron is a veteran entertainer specializing in comedy. He is in great demand at corporate events as a versatile

Donna Bauer

Donna Bauer was elected as South Ward Councillor for the City of Kingston in 2008, the following year Donna was

Steuart Snooks

Steuart Snooks is an E-mail Strategist & Productivity Expert who works with busy professionals and organisations that are time poor, struggling

Elliot Goblet

Elliot Goblet is well known for his television appearances as a guest comedian on variety shows. However 90% of his