Michael Licenblat – Resilience Expert

In the world of business and sales, no matter how confident, competent or experienced you are, setbacks are a part of every aspect of business, work and life. How well you handle those failures, challenges, and problems will often determine how successful you are going to be.

Michael Licenblat is a resilience expert who teaches people in sales and business how to stay proactive by bouncing back from rejections, pressures, and setbacks.

Michael Licenblat Keynote Presentations

Michael can customise a keynote presentation specifically for your event or he has some keynote presentations ready to book now:

  1. Grow Your Client Base and Increase Your Sales in Competitive Markets
  2. Become PRESSURE PROOF and Resilient to TENSION
  3. Influence Communicate With Difficult or Negative People

Why Resilience in Business?

Michael believes that achieving results in business is more about becoming resilient to pressure and bouncing back from setbacks than any other factor.

Over 20 years ago, Michael became one of the pioneers in building a successful natural therapies business through overcoming market rejection, refusals, and knockbacks.

Drawing on his background in Psychology, Shiatsu therapy, and over 25 years of Martial Arts experience, Michael has helped countless companies become ‘pressure proof’ and learn how to bounce back from the setbacks and rejections so they can out-achieve their competition.

Michael is an author is several e-books and CDs, his articles are regularly published in several journals and, for over 10 years, has delivered presentations to organizations such as Toyota, Chemmart, REIV, Coles Myer Ltd., Pitcher Partners, St George, Smartline, SEEK, Hocking Stuart, Maurice Blackburn Lawyers, Maunsell, SalesForce, and the Victorian Parliament.

Michael Licenblat speaks about IQ & Resilience Quotient at CIO Conference

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