Influence Communicate With Difficult or Negative People

Creating high performance teams, managing people, delivering excellent service, and building client rapport is greatly influenced by your ability to influence and communicate with emotionally charged people, without taking them personally or becoming worked up.
Being able to look beyond their behaviour and read their ‘Pressure Pattern’ allows you to be more influential and effective when working with situations of confrontation, conflict,complaint, or with challenging, non-compliant behavior or negative people. In this presentation, Michael Licenblat will explain how to read, respond, and relate to emotionally charged, negative, or intimidating people – whilst staying calm, focused, and in control.

At the end of this program, you will be able to:

  1. Be more influential with challenging, non-compliant or negative people.
  2. Stay cool and calm and dramatically reduce your feelings of anxiousness, anger and frustration during a confrontation, conflict or clash.
  3. Not take people’s comments personally and be able to work and communicate well with any type of person by reading their ‘Pressure Patterns’.

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