Steuart Snooks

Steuart Snooks is an E-mail Strategist & Productivity Expert who works with busy professionals and organisations that are time poor, struggling to keep up with all their e-mail and looking for ways to be more productive.

His first career was in the wine industry. he worked in restaurants, retail and wholesale before travelling to France to visit and work in vineyards and wineries in Champagne, Burgundy, Beaujolais, the Loire, Cognac and Bordeaux. After a period of trying to combine wine education and travel, he joined a time management company with a view to becoming a time management expert to the wine trade.

Steuart Snooks Speaker | Trainer | Coach | Consultant

Since then, Steuart’s career has evolved from a position as a time management consultant to dealing more and more specifically with the email-related issues of time management and workplace productivity. He has specialised in recent years on researching and teaching what is ‘best practice’ in managing email overload and communicating effectively via email.

Workshop: The High Performance Workplace

This session shows how to cut through the daily clutter and distractions to find a focus on the stuff that really matters. Focuses on managing interruptions, commitments, priorities and performance.

Workshop: Taming the Email Tiger

An affordable solution to the challenges of e-mail productivity, this dynamic and interactive presentation will teach highly practical and easily implemented Best Practice skills and strategies that significantly improve individual and corporate email productivity.

Steuart Snooks Client Testimonials

“Of interest to me is that you scored the 5s from two of the hardest and most demanding members I have!”
“I can’t tell you the effect your little reminders are doing to keep me on track. I feel like you have become my mentor.”
“Many, many practical takeaways for personal time management”
“Useful, easy-to-implement tips about how to use Outlook more productively”
“Useful tips for managing e-mails,managing commitments and peak times for meetings”
“There were some great ideas for my time management processes”
“The cost saving and time saving side will astonish you as he simplifies the use of email.”
“Steuart has great knowledge and content. The day involved critical thinking about how time is used”

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