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FAQs: Discover how to make your event AMAZING!

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Read our FAQ’s below

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[av_toggle title=’How long does a band play for?’ tags=’Bands’]
There are many variables within a function that can effect the bands performance times. Every function is different. Our bands want to give you the best possible value for money. If meals are delayed in the kitchen or speeches and presentations go for longer than expected, this will shorten the time available for band performance.

As a general rule of thumb, bands will perform dance sets of 35 – 45 minutes unless they are directed to stop for a formality or a dinner course.

As a guide a band can perform approximately 9 – 10 songs in a 40 minute set.
[av_toggle title=’Do you have a consultant able to assist me over the phone or do I need to visit your office in person?’ tags=’Bookings’]
We do have consultants available to assist you over the phone. Our telephone number is 1300 296 133.
We can also arrange in-person entertainment consultant appointments.
[av_toggle title=’How can I see and hear the acts you have?’ tags=’Bookings’]
Vogue Entertainment has promotional information on the acts it represents. Most artists have audio or video files that you can view and listen to right here on our website from the comfort of your home or office.
[av_toggle title=’Do I need to supply a meal for musicians I book?’ tags=’bands’]
Yes, if the band booking time is 3 hours or more.

It is general etiquette to supply the band with a full guest meal with drinks and seat them in the main dining room at a band table.

Musicians are not staff. Musicians are extremely talented and trained professionals who will almost single handedly make your event truly fantastic. Music is very important to any event and Vogue Entertainment only supplies the best musicians in Australia. If they are treated as your guests and made to feel welcome, it makes common sense that they will take this attitude on stage and spread it around to all of your guests.
[av_toggle title=’Do bands and artists do requests?’ tags=’bands’]
Our acts will do their best to cater to requests. The best idea is to ask first with plenty of notice.

With smaller ‘sequenced’ bands, it is much more difficult to do a request on the night because the bands sound comes from a backing track which has been pre-produced in a studio.

Bigger bands that include a rhythm section ie drums, bass, and keyboards etc are better equipped to oblige.

Keep in mind that the band’s repertoire should be one criterion for booking that band. When booking a band, carefully examine the band’s songlist to make sure that the music they perform will cater for you and your guests.

Vogue Entertainment will help you to find out what your music requirements are and match that information with the ideal act for you.