Roving Entertainers

There’s something strikingly genuine about roving entertainers and street performers with their ‘bring it to the people’ attitude and you always know that you’re going to get something wholly unique. At Vogue Entertainment we work with everyone from stilt walkers to jugglers and from acrobats to fire artists. Contact us today or drop us a line on 1300 296 133 to find out more about our vast selection of roving entertainers.


Japanese Drummers

Japanese Drummers – Energize Your Event with Thunderous Beats Experience the captivating power and traditional artistry of Japan with our


Brazilian Dancers

Brazilian Dancers – Ignite Your Event with the Rhythm of Brazil Experience the vibrant energy and contagious joy of Brazil


Thai Dancers

Rich Culture and Vibrant Energy of Thailand Immerse your event in the rich culture and vibrant energy of Thailand with

The Great Gizmo

The Great Gizmo! A juggler, a magician, a clown, a ring master a complete circus in one body. This is no

Ivana Babbleoff

No red carpet event is complete without the Queen Of The Red Carpet, Ivana Babbleoff. Ivana Babbleoff is more than your

Lee Cohen

Lee has performed since she was 8 years old, first as a magician’s assistant and later having her own children’s

The Rosetski Brothers

Together in the spirit of wandering minstrels, The Rosetski Brother Show consists of juggling, ballooning, unicycling, magic tricks and other

Simon Coronel

One of Australia’s leading Sleight-Of-Hand Artists, Simon Coronel blends classical illusion techniques with a modern and innovative style. He has performed

Pirate Bubble Sword

Beware Pirate Bubble Sword! He leaves a trail of bubbles, excited children and mayhem in his wake. This eight foot

Mr Tails

Stepping out with top hat and tails, Mr Tails is an entertainer with that old fashioned class. Presenting regal contact


Roving Fire Performers

Roving fire performers bring the WOW factor to any event. The excitement and danger brings that extra spark of interest 

Flash Twinkle Toes

Flash Twinkle Toes is a diverse and exciting act that can perform on stlits or on the ground. Flash is

Greek Living Statues

At first it appears to be a innately carved  solid block of stone. Until you glance over and see her

Aussie Tall Stars

The Aussie Tall Stars are unique in Australia. Reaching 8′ 6″ in height, these Musclemen will definitely catch the attention

Hire Paparazzi Actors

The Paparazzi

The Paparazzi are 1940’s style journalist reporters that entertain guests as they arrive to your special event. The Paparazzi will