Bachelor Girl


Bachelor Girl, an Australian pop duo, was established in 1992 with Tania Doko as the lead vocalist and James Roche as the talented musician, producer, and arranger.

Their debut single, “Buses and Trains,” released in 1998, swiftly soared to the top 10 on the music charts in Australia and New Zealand. The song also achieved significant success, reaching the top 30 in Sweden and even making its presence felt in the United Kingdom. Remarkably, “Buses and Trains” claimed the title of the most played track on Australian radio throughout 1998, solidifying its popularity and resonance with audiences.

Following their breakthrough hit, Bachelor Girl released the follow-up single, “Treat Me Good,” which secured a place in the top 40 charts in both Australia and New Zealand, further showcasing the duo’s musical prowess and growing fan base.

In the same year as their debut singles, Bachelor Girl unveiled their first studio album, “Waiting For The Day.” The album captured the attention of music enthusiasts and climbed to an impressive position within the top 20 on the ARIA charts, cementing Bachelor Girl’s status as a prominent force in the Australian music scene.


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