Les Baguettes French Roving Band


You won’t find anything more romantic for your wedding or special event than Les Baguettes – a french roving band for hire.

“Les Baguettes” will set the flavor of French music as you feel the inspiration of Paris or a romantic walk through the gardens of Versailles all possible through the music of this  french roving band for hire.

French Roving Band History

There is a long history of jazz music in France. In the 1920’s, jazz began to become significant in France.  At first, the French were concerned it was too American of an influence before “making it their own.” However, this concern soon turned to acceptance as by the 1930’s french jazz music had become acceptable. The Biguine, a style of jazz from the French Caribbean was popular among dance orchestras between the 1930s and 1950s.

The Le Caveau de la Huchette, in the late 1940s,  would become an important place for French and American jazz musicians to work. Many American jazz artists have lived in France from Sidney Bechet to Archie Shepp. These Americans would have an influence on French jazz, but at the same time French jazz had its own inspirations as well. Bal-musette had some influence on France’s form of Gypsy jazz. In a related vein violin, and to an extent guitar, were traditionally more popular in French jazz than American. Related to that Jean-Luc Ponty and Stéphane Grappelli are among the most well-respected violinists in the history of jazz. That stated the violin is also popular in Eastern European jazz.

Audio Samples

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Champs Elysees

La Belle Vie



French Roving Band Music Repertoire

C’est si bon
La vie en rose
C’ets magnifique
Les fueilles mortes
La mer
Chanson d’amour
Comme d’habitude
Champs Elysees
I love Paris
Under the bridge of Paris
Rien rieno.

More French Roving Bands

French wedding music is quite popular due to its romantic and nostalgic nature.

French Jazz Band and Festival Resources

  1. Paris Jazz Festival
  2. Reims JazzFestival Facebook Page


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