Kevin Grise

The Hypnotist, Kevin Grise presents a world class performance that is absolutely awesome !! With more than 20 years experience as a Hypnotherapist, Kevin’s dynamic style and professionalism are apparent in all aspects of his show.

Using specially developed speed inductions, he makes it look so easy – using total strangers with no pre- selection, screening or prior considering – with just a snap of a finger. His show is personality driven, interweaving his quick witted humour with the comments made by his volunteers. He interacts with his subjects and constantly takes their well being into consideration. All volunteers are treated with respect and consideration

They are not props – they are participants with him. This brings warmth, hilarity and unique entertainment value. He creates an inner journey through their subconscious mind, discovering the creative imaginations of the volunteer from the audience who become the stars of the show. This show is fascinating, safe, unbelievable and all in good tasteful fun!

Kevin Grise’s mission is to provide the very best in entertainment, motivation and training seminars. Perfect for Corporate Meetings and Conventions.

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