Reverend Funk & The Horns of Salvation

The Reverend Funk & The Horns of Salvation Experience
This is truly one of Australia’s BEST major corporate live acts. Since 1998 they have been an outstanding experience in entertainment. The individual members tour, record and perform with major Australian acts, support and play for international stars, work in live stage shows, appear on TV, in Movies and record Movie Soundtracks … the members of Reverend Funk really do have a combined CV to die for… so we wont drop names, but you can ask us anytime.
This act has performed in almost every single live venue in Melbourne and many of the familiar corporate and public stages across Australia. Their ability to accommodate special requirements, support cameo appearances by celebrities, play to suit the venue, the event and audience is what makes your job that much easier.

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The Reverend Funk Talent
Reverend Funk & The Horns of Salvation has powered to the top of the corporate entertainment pick list, with their massive horn sound alongside one of the best rhythm sections in the country. Combining these two remarkable sections with the powerful vocals of ‘The Reverend GT Funk’ and ‘Sister Talei the Voodoo Princess’, provides you a world class frontline constantly delivering the best in live performance. These days so many bands are opting for backing tracks sequences and loops (instead of live musicians), Reverend Funks’ outstanding band, are totally and uncompromisingly ‘100% live!’
Reverend Funk & The Horns of Salvation Music
The repertoire has everything; Nostalgic classic Soul to the Killer 70’s one hit wonders not forgetting the Funk Brothers of Motown who had so many hits. The power of James Brown, The popularity of the Blues Brothers, The sing-along chart thrashers of the Commitments Movie, memorable notes from Rufus and Chaka Khan and not forgetting the King of Motown Stevie Wonder. The soulfulness of Aretha Franklin & Ray Charles, The Disco Diva’s who have wailed for 3 decades and band favourites from Earth Wind and Fire, Tower of Power, Brand New Heavies, Larry Graham and Isaac Hayes. The superb pop stylings of The Jackson 5 and Prince and the sneakiest touch of up to the minute funky grooves from Macy Gray, Anastacia, Lenny Kravitz. There is a truckload of numbers from bands that you and your audience know and love.
Go Large
The Show is flexible in as much as… If you want a celebrity to appear and sing their own number (or one of our numbers) we’ll support that easily. If you’d like to really blow the audience away we can add more horns to the section, or the Ultimate experience… a 10 piece Gospel Choir backing the Rev and Band for an edge unrivalled in live corporate entertainment. Anything you need to do just ask, we have worked in just about every scenario!

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