Engagement Party

Engagement Party Entertainment

Here’s some entertainment ideas to suit your engagement party. Have you decided how casual or formal you want your engagement party to be? Entertainment ideas you should look at can comprise of background music, dance music, roving entertainment, featured entertainment (as in a stage show or floor show) or a form of feature presentation. When booking entertainment for your engagement party, it’s important to plan a logical sequence of events to form an overall flow to your event. For instance – you may want the event to start off with a bang, so you’d want to feature some entertainment to dazzle your guests, either as they enter or within 15 minutes of the event starting time. Alternatively, you may want to have a casual, easy start to the event and once everyone has eaten and relaxed for a while, then either feature a show to watch or fir up some dancing. You may all consider matching the entertainment to a engagement party theme you have in mind. Vogue Entertainment can help you to bring your vision to life so you can call us on 130 296 133 or email us here.