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5 Engagement Party Ideas That are Borderline Genius

Planning your engagement party is something that is really exciting to do. This kind of special occasion is definitely a highlight to remember in your life before your dream wedding. Do you have any engagement party ideas in mind yet? Also keep in mind that there’s a few engagement party entertainment ideas to consider too. Planning can take a lot of effort and time as well but really it could be fun and electrifying. Congratulations, you made it this far!

An engagement party is a perfect event to get your families and friends meet and be acquainted as they will become part of your married life. This will also be a great time for them to officially have a good start.

Some handy tips first…

  • It is better to hold the party pretty soon before the actual wedding date.
  • In tradition, it is the parents of the bride who actually organize the party but since it is the modern time nowadays, it could be both parties’ plan where everyone can help.
  • The engagement party ideas should be kept in casual as perhaps it will be the first time that each party’s clan will be meeting up.
  • Ideally, everyone who is invited in the engagement party is also invited in the wedding so be consistent with your invitations.
  • The theme of the party should definitely fit the couple to honor.

You may choose from the following engagement party ideas to help you decide what theme to use and where it should be done. These ideas you’re sure to love will absolutely make your engagement party an event to remember.

So, here are the party ideas…

1. Beach Engagement Party

One of the best engagement party ideas would be a cool and perfect ambience to set the party on the beach especially when the weather is perfectly fine. This type is a hot commodity which creates a beautiful and natural background making a more romantic scene. The beach and the sand represent a lovely pair which is inseparable almost symbolizing a couple. The overall feel will make you and your guests enjoy the entire party along with a good music on the background. Live bands can even make the guests feel relaxed and serenaded.

2. Cocktail Engagement Party and Wedding Reception

The vintage inspired classic cocktails paired with great pieces of the 50s or 60s suits and dresses are a perfect theme for a conservative and more classic-style couple. The event will be more stunning and spectacular with a live band for the classic music background blending in with the romantic view of the sunset. Drive off the jitters with a classic vintage car with your love one. You may be thinking of other engagement party ideas but this one is sure to blast your party off!

3. Chocolate and Champagne Engagement Party

Celebrating your engagement party with glasses of champagne and sweets makes it more special and quite an occasion. Decorate the table with chocolate cakes, truffles, chocolate fondue station, chocolate cupcakes and more. You can even add some twist to the Chocó carte du jour for a more customized party fun. Along with the luscious toasts, you can even put some espresso, coffee or a tea bar for extra drink options. This should be included in your engagement party ideas to tickle your taste buds in the sweetest way.

4. Buttoned-up Barbecue Engagement Party

An all-American classic inspired barbecue engagement party can never be this yummy. Dress up a standard barbecue fare like mini pulled-pork/beef sliders with truffle mac and cheese for a more delightful finish. Serve your food with lemonade or iced tea and fruity cocktails. For a smooth background, put some string globe lights and lovely candles to enhance the ambience.

5. Wine Tasting Engagement Party

This kind of engagement party has always been a perfect choice for couples’ engagement party ideas. But of course, you can add some thrill like hummus and pita bread, olive bar, or fresh fruits like strawberries, grapes, and sliced apples. You can ask your guests to share their special wine or provide your own choices of wines for them. It is better that guests can bring a glass of wine and swap them to other wines. Be sure to have plenty of red and white wines and have them paired with yummy food choices like baguettes and flavorful kinds of cheese. If you can even get a sommelier for the wine tasting then that would be great.

Choosing an Engagement Party Venue

Boost your engagement party ideas with great venue choices. If the party is on budget then the bride parents’ house will be just nice especially for the Buttoned-up Barbecue Engagement party. If it is summer, you may consider a park pavilion for the party. For some leisure activities and grand catering services, a local country club or hotel would be just great. But a nice restaurant can suffice for a simple meal with the family and friends.

Engagement Party Entertainment

Furthermore, a live entertainment is a cool way to break the ice and create a better party atmosphere. Rock your engagement party ideas and consider a party band or acoustic strolling musicians to get everyone on their feet and enjoy dancing as well. Creating the wedding of your dreams as well as putting some fun in your engagement party can never be this fun with a marvelous serenading background for all.

Your engagement party music should just blend in with your wedding music. Both are a magical moment to share best wishes with your loved one as well as families and friends. Often an informal dinner, a cocktail or barbecue party sets a stage for more events and considering a digital band, live combo, or soloist can highlight the party.

Put smiles on your guests’ faces with a nice choice of music. Elegant music is all that a perfect wedding ceremony needs. A classical ensemble while walking down the aisle to add up more for the overall romantic feel. Contemporary music can also be a great choice in your engagement party ideas if you want a more personalized event. If you simply want to hear an original rendition during your engagement or wedding party, then a DJ would be an excellent choice. Match your style with the music you want and have everything fall into place.

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