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From the very beginning iconic Aussie talent Melissa Tkautz refused to be defined by any single category; as an actress, singer, model, brand ambassador or presenter. Melissa has dominated all bases of the Australian entertainment industry at one time or another and is now celebrating a colossal 3 decades in the industry she loves.

Melissa Tkautz : Early Years & Rise To First Fame

By the age of 17, Melissa had appeared in over 160 television and print commercials. It was from here that Melissa’s career skyrocketed as she was cast as Nikki Spencer in the soapie juggernaut E-Street. It was this role that instantly propelled her into the homes and hearts of millions.

Playing the role of Nikki Spencer not only allowed her to take her first tentative steps into the world of acting but it was during her time on the show that Melissa made headlines and music history by releasing the era defining track – Read My Lips. This instant chart sensation took the country by storm and landed Melissa with not only the highest selling single of the year but an AMA and an ARIA award! Further huge hits soon followed with iconic tracks Sexy Is The Word, Skin to Skin, My House, and Is it? to name but a few.
After extensive touring it was clear that Melissa was truly launched onto the international stage with crazed fans waiting for hours to get a glimpse of Australia’s latest golden girl!

Melissa Tkautz : The Actress

Post E-Street and while juggling her ever-successful music career Melissa was careful not to neglect her passion for the screen. Melissa appeared in many of Australia’s most popular TV dramas including Home & Away, Medivac, Richmond Hill, Paradise Beach, Pacific Drive, Echo Point and All Saints, this ensured that Melissa remained a constant in homes across the country. Over the course of a 3 year period, Melissa even appeared in various productions of the highly acclaimed ‘The Vagina Monologues’ as well as various other dramas and soap operas.

Melissa Tkautz : The Singer

After the huge success of her first album ‘Fresh,’ Melissa re-focused on her acting career but as always, music was never too far from her thoughts!

In 2005 Melissa took back the microphone with a cover of the Sheila E classic Glamorous Life and the haunting single All I Want which were both featured on her album Lost & Found. Without delay Melissa then went on to release the cult-hit Easily Affected as well as quickly delivering the dance floor smash hit with DJ Nick Skitz collaboration
I Want Your Love.

From there it was on to her next solo project, a dance offering titled Something About You. The single, which quickly became a fan favourite, saw many of the country’s top DJ’s deliver thumping remixes for an extensive remix package which was readily accepted by the new generation of fans that quickly grew to embrace Melissa as countless others had in the past.
It was soon clear that after 20 years in the business, Melissa did not only have a body of work that would impress any critic but she now had the cred to back to up!

Melissa Tkautz: The Model

Voted ‘Sexiest Woman on Earth’ and ‘Hottest Woman on The Planet’ on more than one occasion and always a media favourite, Melissa has graced the newsstands of the world appearing in and on the covers of Black and White, Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Ralph, FHM, TV Hits, Dolly, Smash Hits and countless other notable international publications.

Melissa Tkautz: The Activist

There are many injustices in this world but for Melissa there is one issue that she will always stand up for, and that is marriage equality. “No-one has the right to tell someone who they can love. This is quite simply one of those injustices that future generations will look back on and be ashamed of,” Melissa says. Another cause that Melissa is relentless in supporting is that of bullying. In early 2012, Melissa teamed up with a long list of Aussie celebrities who have come together and joined with ‘The Community Brave Foundation’ to star in a series of online videos designed to promote anti-bullying in all forms. Melissa says: “Bullying in all arenas needs to be taken seriously, whether it be online or in the schoolyard. These ongoing instances create negative and painful issues which are often taken well into adult life … it’s time to change, it’s time to care.”

Melissa Tkautz : Present Day

After enjoying over 3 decades in the industry, Melissa was very excited to step into a new role, that of mother and wife. After taking time out to enjoy her new family, Melissa returned to the world of entertainment, as a staring actress in TV’s Swift & Shift Couriers, and Housos. As a singer she released the dance single ‘Something About You’ and of course maintained her position as one of Australia’s most in demand personalities.
Australia Day 2012 brought the most talked about campaign of the year: ‘Barbie Girl: Australia Day Lamb Campaign’ which featured Melissa with Sam Kekovich, Richard Wilkins and Justice Crew. Quoted as being the second most viral campaign ever in Australia’s history, it marked a new found success for Melissa as a brand ambassador with obvious pulling power! The campaign even made Melissa the top trending topic on Twitter!

December 2012 marked the release of Melissa’s eagerly awaited greatest hits collection, which stormed into the charts at number 11. This coincided with Melissa’s full-scale national tour, and if that wasn’t enough for one year, Melissa also gave birth to her second child!
In a day and age when fame comes and goes as quickly as it is achieved, it’s a true testament to Melissa Tkautz that she is still pushing the boundaries whilst also retaining her deserved success as one of the countries most in-demand successful entertainers.

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